The factory

The CINTURIFICIO ARTIGIANALE FD by A. & G D' Ambrosio, was founded in Milan in 1950 with our grandfather, with the production of only crocodile belts, a tradition carried on by our father who in addition to producing fine belts also added production in all other types of leather, a tradition carried on since 1985 by our sons Antonio and Gianfranco.

The main activity is the production of men's and women's belts at a medium-high level with the use of calfskin or other vegetable-tanned leathers, in full respect of nature, and leathers of high quality such as certified crocodile and python. CITES, all handmade with skillful craftsmanship handed down for three generations.

Since 2019 our company has embarked on a new challenge that leads us to the creation of new products, a new sector that tests our experience and professionalism in the creation of items for pets, collars and leashes.

This decision was made with the intention of giving our animal friends and their owners the opportunity to use high quality accessories with a design specifically designed for them, for maximum comfort and a touch of Italian elegance.

We have our vast and varied samples that are updated with new models every season, after a careful study of new materials and models based on the current fashion trend.

Our structure is equipped with specific machinery and equipment for the creation of any type of model, even customized according to customer needs.

The company boasts the use of highly specialized personnel who carefully follow the production process and which allows it to obtain total control over the quality of every single piece produced in a workmanlike manner and entirely MADE IN ITALY. adequate knowledge and experience in the leather goods and fashion sector ensuring the highest required standards.

Quality is also guaranteed through the commitment to cutting-edge solutions and products that allow us to obtain a product that is always at a medium-high level.

The main feature that distinguishes us on the market is the reliability, correctness and timing in carrying out our work which allows us to always respect our commitments, respecting the deliveries and the customer's needs.