Season belt

Two colors, two souls for a made in Italy product of the highest quality and with a proud personality, which recalls the colors of Milanese fashion style, black leather to express elegance, but also determination, red leather for passion.


The look is completed by a buckle with an essential design that makes this belt unique and harmonious.


We choose it to transform a simple trendy accessory into a work of art.


This captivating model is the result of a leather produced exclusively in Tuscany, a leader in vegetable tanning, the outcome of a prodigious process entrusted to the skilled hands of the tanners, who dose the blends of natural tannins extracted from plants, a process that requires patience and experience in respect for tradition and nature.


This treatment gives birth to buttero leather, a certified leather with an iconic character.


The two-tone “Season” belt is the ideal choice for those who want to dare and show confidence.


It perfectly matches any garment and can be customized through a wide range of colors.